Saturday, November 8, 2014

life lately

*photo from a recent work trip to san diego

here's an update on my life as of late.

so austin and i purchased a condo back in october. escrow was crazy and i had to sleep on a friend's floor for two weeks. but we are so blessed to have rad friends who allow us to crash and live with them while we we were homeless and we are even more blessed to be in a position where we can even purchase a home. perhaps i'll write more about our buying story, but for now all i'll say is that i am so thankful to be here. i really do love our new home!

i've been pretty stressed out with work lately. i'm sure some people can relate, but most of the time while i'm at work i'll wonder why i'm even there. i don't know about you, but my job subject isn't the most exciting thing (to me). and i'll constantly be wondering to God, why do you have me here? but i know that the Lord allowed me to have this job for a reason. i mean, he's the only way i got a job as an auditor in the first place. i wasn't smart enough (gpa wise) in the world's eyes. so i know it was Him and Him alone who allowed me to have this position. but it's still a daily struggle to see what it is that He wants to do with me while i'm working here. i'm easily jealous of other women who seem to have their "dream jobs" or get to work at fun places that seem to actually matter or have a greater purpose. but comparison is the thief of joy, is it not? so although i struggle with the subject of careers and jobs, i do know that at the end of the day i am so blessed and happy. i really am.

austin and i have been growing so much in our relationship lately. and our marriage has been benefitting from our time focused on the Lord and each other. it is so great to see God working in our lives and to see each other grow closer to Him. i genuinely am amazed that we are husband and wife. my 13 year old self would definitely be freaking out that austin and i got married.

austin and i recently went on a weekend camping trip to big bear. i think i should definitely share some photos of that (we love camping!). we also have been serving a lot at our church and we are loving it. my sister and i are going to a concert on monday with another friend to go see first aid kit and i am so excited! and i finally cleaned almost all of the house today so our house is looking mighty fine. until next time!

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