Wednesday, August 13, 2014

it's been five weeks and four days

i'm eagerly awaiting to receive our wedding photos and wedding video. but im also reminiscing on how much fun new zealand was and how i miss spending so much time with austin. until our next big adventure!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

set me as a seal upon your heart

God has done a lot of work in our lives - both together and seperately. and we both are so grateful for Him allowing us to become husband and wife. i love looking back on our engagement photos that our friend, kinsey, took of us in one of my favorite places - washington. oh washington. please claim me as your own one day. austin will happily come along too, i'm sure!

even though we live in california, we decided to fly up to washington for the day just for the photos. because, washington is rad and we love it there. i'm so glad we got to go. the day was spent exploring snoqualmie falls and the surrounding area, ending in downtown seattle with burgers and pizza. not a bad day in my book.

i know i'll cherish these images for the rest of my life. and i'm so glad this special time in our lives was documented. here's to many more photo adventures with my best friend.


welcome to this space where i hope to document our days together and this life that i'm blessed to live.